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Take a Bite of Mindfulness

How weight loss is a mind-body connection

Weight loss isn't as simple as calories in and calories out. The emotional component of losing weight is often lost and forgotten. However, it is an important part of the process. Be mindful of how your emotions may impact your success and create lifestyle changes for the long-term with these tips.

Make lasting change

Making behavior changes that last means allowing for times when you are "on track" and being gentle with yourself when you feel "off track". Allow yourself to go back and forth without shame. Accept times when you eat foods that don't align with your nutrition goals. Enjoy them and then make your next choice one that does.

Check-in with your cravings

There are no bad foods or good foods. There is only food. When we cut out certain foods from our diets it can sometimes backfire. We may over indulge and then feel guilty that we didn't have the will power to not eat it what we really wanted. Instead of labeling food good or bad, reflect on why you want the "bad food". Are you hungry and craving a salty, crunchy, or sweet food? Are you feeling bored, stressed, or tired? Is it a celebration? Take a moment and decide if you really want it. Sometimes you will mindfully choose it. Other times you may realize there is an alternative choice.

Talk nice

Self-talk is bigger than it seems. Use statements like, "I love the way my body feels when I eat well," instead of, "I am too tired to cook." Write out a list of reasons that align with your desired feeling. Approach your list of how you want to feel openly, from a place of love. Coming from a kind place is lighter and has less judgment.

Keep a food and feeling journal

Writing down the time, place, type of food and feeling associated with your meal or snack can help. It sheds light on why we are eating. And , you may shed pounds using this insight.

Eat at the table

On-the-go eating is generally rushed. When our focus is on everything except for our hunger or satiety cues we miss out on the enjoyment eating healthy food can bring. Turn off the TV, cell phone and remove other distractions. Savor the senses that are activated when we eat. Taste, smell and texture are a fun part of meals and when we notice then we are less likely to overeat.

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