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Caregiving Includes Caring for YOU

About 43 million adults in the U.S. provide unpaid care for someone else in a serious health condition each year.Chances are you will be one of them at some point in your life. The stress of caregiving can take a toll on your own health. It is important to understand ways to take care of yourself as well as others.

There is joy in helping support and care for others, however constantly caring for others can become overwhelming. Many tasks may be expected of you. Not only do most caregivers have their own full-time jobs, in addition, they manage other people’s healthcare, households, bills, pets, and more.

Remember the term, “sandwich generation”? That term is often used to describe the responsibilities of caring for your children, your parents, and you all at once. Let’s expand on that and recognize all caregivers who may be sandwiched between multiple responsibilities, not only those with children and older parents.

There are important ways to support yourself while caring for others so you prevent burnout, fatigue and avoid excessive stress.

Studies have shown that caregivers often have physical health problems, anxiety, and depression. It is also well-known that caregivers need support. Look for community resources that provide support in your area. Follow these tips to help you focus on caring for you too:  Stay connected to your friends and personal interests  Join a caregiver’s support group  Take breaks each day to complete your personal tasks  Eat health foods and exercise often  Ask for help  Be organized

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